It All Starts With a Dream

No two journeys are the same, and neither are our trailers and customers. We want to hear from you so we can understand your dreams and next adventure. This is an opportunity to talk about the product, guide you to detailed information on our website and then make sure we are providing the right solutions for you.

After we have dreamt big and confirmed your custom teardrop trailer, we secure your production spot.

4 Simple Steps


1. Secure your production spot. We have limited production capacity in a year so securing your production spot is important. If you know you want a Friday trailer but still haven’t decided on some final finishes, no problem. Let’s secure your production spot with a fully refundable deposit of $2k. This way you secure the earliest possible delivery date with no risk.

Before we move to stage ‘2’ we will spend as much time as we need to make sure you have made the right choices with regard to spec and the options to meet your needs and any adventure.

This would include;

– Confirm final specifications and price.

– Sign and approve a sale agreement, which will include an estimated start date, delivery date, personalised options and colour selections. Average lead time currently is 4 months.

– Colours, this is the fun part, let’s not rush it.

2. Production Confirmed:  A 30% deposit is required once the sales agreement is confirmed and production is underway.

3. Walls Milestone: A second 30% deposit is required when walls are up. This is a great time to come and visit and see the progress of your teardrop.

4. Final Payment: About three weeks out from completion we will contact you to arrange balance of payment and set a date for collection, or transport if you are getting it freighted interstate. At this stage we will also start going through information regarding handover, training and what your collection day looks like.

Collection day: This is a big day, we typically recommend allowing 3-5 hours; a mid morning start, a break for lunch, recap and finish off in the afternoon. We will do a full handover of all the technical aspects of the trailer, including servicing and ongoing care for your new teardrop trailer.

The above is the structured process but our interactions will be far more fluid and happen more frequently. We will send updates and images of your new trailer at key stages and involve you at the exciting moments.

$ 2 k
Secure Production Spot
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Deposit - Production Confirmed
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Progress Payment - Walls Up
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Final Payment
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Average Lead Time

Interested in making the dream a reality? We welcome you to make contact and come for a private teardrop tour.