One World, Let's Take Care of It

We only have one earth, and the natural resources we take from it are not an endless supply. We design, manufacture and take end of use responsibilities seriously. For us a company reducing wastage and landfill, sourcing raw materials responsibly, sush as FSC timber, and making sure end of use products can be recycled or break down without harm to the environment are of paramount importance.


Are we 100% satisfied all our materials and processes during manufacturing are sustainable? Not yet. We are however on a relentless daily search to review and improve our processes and materials sourcing to find a more sustainable way.

What are we doing?

1 Friday Trailer = 100m² Revegetation

To balance out our impact on the earth for every trailer we revegetate 100m² of land in the Lofty region in SA. You can be a part of planting the trees if you come to pick up a trailer, or if you wanted to take some of the trees home to plant, we welcome that too.

For the full story of our partnership with not for profit organisation BioR click here


Certified Australian Made

This is important as we source and control our manufacturing and materials. We also support as many locally sourced products as possible to additionally reduce the carbon footprint.



All materials take natural resources to make, there are also materials that do not break down and then things like lithium batteries made from heavy metals which are not good for the environment. It is about striking a balance to make the least amount of impact on our earth. As an example, if we were to specify a material that deteriorated prematurely because it was not UV stable, we might have to replace that material on the teardrop prematurely doubling the amount of materials and energy required.



We have a 9.5kw solar panel system on our workshop as a power source, but with high energy consumption processes like welding we have to pull from the grid which uses fossil fuels. It is about awareness, education, balance and always striving to improve.



Our Commitment to The Future

We are in a constant search to evolve how we do things with regards to sustainable manufacturing; if we can improve something we will implement it immediately.

In 2023 we are reviewing the steps to implement enough processes and dedicate resources to become carbon nuetral.