Less is MORE!

Teardrop Benefits

Teardrops are lightweight, can be towed by most medium size vehicles and do not require special vehicle modifications for brakes*.

  • They are a perfect solution for electric vehicles*.
  • Teardrops are aerodynamic and excellent on fuel consumption.
  • Being small they can be stored in a standard garage and moved by hand.
  • They will outperform traditional caravans in regards to manoeuvrability and access to special camping locations.
  • Being alfresco, the Kitchen is suited to the Australian style of camping in the great outdoors.
  • They remove all the hassles of traditional camping. They have comfortable and cosy sleeping, away from the elements if the weather turns bad and no wet camping pack up!
  • They are a considerably cheaper option compared to traditional caravans, yet offer most of the features and have additional benefits.
  • Teardrops enable you to be close to nature, sleep in comfort and peace, but be in the outdoors and close to adventure all other times.

* Please check your vehicles un-braked capacity for towing to ascertain suitability.