Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Teardrops

Awesome! You get more time to do the thing you actually want to do. To dive into the full benefits of a teardrop lifestyle, click here as we have a full section on our website diving into all the fun stuff.

We like to meet all customers to understand their needs and where they want to go. So first step is make contact and lets arrange a private viewing.

Click here to see our Friday process around designing your custom teardrop and confirming your order.

The ordering process is simple, we require a 30% deposit to secure your production spot, a mid production milsetone deposit of another 30% and then the balance at delivery.

We can guide you through the process and get your on your next adventure.

Our teardrops are all hand made in Magill, SA. Total production time from your deposit to completion is 5 months. This can vary depending on volume of orders in the system which we would confirm when we start discussing a your custom trailer.

We know how exciting it is to plan and get ready for the next adventure, which means we understand the importance of your trailer delivery date. We try our best to meet all manufacturing deadlines so customers can plan. There are situations that are outside of our control, and particularly with global supply shortages of some materials this can add to the complexity.

When you confirm your order we will give you and estimated delivery date. We are in regular contact through the build with updates and photos so you will be getting regular updates. About 2-3 weeks out we call and confirm a collection day.

We design all our systems for ‘your’ usage and intended travel; from a long weekend glamper to an offgrid adventurer who escapes for weeks or months at a time.

Battery life will vary depending on your usage of appliances, temperaure and top up charge. All our trailers are equipped with Bluetooth power management as well as readout in the cabin.

If in the early stages of looking at a teardrop trailer talk to us about what your next adventure looks like, we can do the complicated work of power calculations and give you an idea of consumption based on what appliances you want to run.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching, designing, testing and validating the current offering and options on our trailers. We feel the options available currently are a broad and healthy offering of solutions for any adventure.

We do not specify other products that haven’t gone through our quality assuarnec processes. We are always open to new ideas but we do have a certain way of doing things so we can guarantee the right customer experience with our product. The best thing to do at the start of the process of looking at your new trailer is talk to us, we can then learn about your next escape and discuss how the options can suit your needs.

Yes we can, but we try to encourage customers to make an excuse to have a holiday and travel to collect. We have a thorough handover including training with every trailer. Our customers are really appreciative of the service at this stage of the purchase process.

If travelling to SA isn’t at all possible we will make it happen and give you some viable options so you can get rolling in your home town. Interstate can have some variable that are outside of our control with regards to damage and costs.

Our trailer is L 4m x W 2.1m x x H 1.80m. This will fit in most standard single car garages but we recommend you double check all measurements. If you option a rooftop tent (0.45m packed) or rack and solar (0.15m) you will need to account for their extra height.

We do not currently rent our trailers. We have a thorough process to make sure we meet all you needs and make sure the product is right for you. We have privite viewings where we learn about you and what you want out of your next caravan. Click here to go to our booking page for a private viewing.

Towing A Teardrop

It will depend a little on the towing vehicle, but in general you barely notice it’s there given the weight and low aero profile. Being so small it is easy to get into tight spots and having a long drawbar it is easy to reverse.

We offer a 5 bolt Ford pattern as standard. Trailers typically have a different hub offset to cars, so matching to normal cars wheels so you can share spare wheels is often not possible. We do have the option of providing a spare wheel if required.

It will depend on your trailers final specifications and your towing vehicle. Firstly let’s clear up some technical lingo.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) – Total weight of trailer rating, including luggage, gear and water. So if you put your loaded trailer (not hitched) on a weigh bridge.

Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) – Allowable weight of a loaded trailer while hitched to your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer. So if you put only the two trailer wheels on a weigh bridge while hitched.

Tow Ball Weight – This is a specification used by the vehicle and tow ball manufacturers as a limit. We provide final tow ball weight for our trailers.

Our trailers have a total weight rating of 750kg ATM and typically come in at around 550-600kg. This means you should have a payload of around 100-150kg after you fill you 40L water tank. Important: This is a guide, you should refer to your vehicles specifications for unbraked capacity, trailers ATM, GTM final number and double check it at a weight bridge.

A good tip is to weigh the individual items before loading; you will quickly get an idea of what things weigh. Our tow ball weight typically is around 50kg but we provide final numbers for your specific trailer.

Most medium size vehicles* can tow a teardrop, however it’s difficult for us to know every vehicle out there regarding their towing specs. We recommend contact the manufacturer and also reading up on the their specs, specifically the un-braked capacity rating as our trailer as standard do not come with brakes. Something to be mindful is dpending on your model car, tow rating can vary on year of production so this is worth specify when you do your research.

*Your vehicle will need to tow an un-braked capacity of 750kg.

All our trailers come with a standard 50mm towing ball, flat 7pin connector and Anderson plug.

If you are wanting DC-DC charging from the vehicle you will need to have an auto electrician fit a 50amp Anderson plug connector. If you want help with this we can speak with your local electrician or recommend one.

Do you have more questions?

We’d love to hear from you and we can to go through any questions you have. We can also arrange a private viewing so you can touch and experience our teardrop.