Your Friday teardrop trailer is the start of new adventures. Escape and be free with boundless possibilities. The endless coastline, the rolling hills or the rugged outback; you choose.

This is our basic launch site; more helpful information about our product is on the way. Here is a snippet of what’s to come.


We all live in a crazy busy world and getting back to basics is food for the soul.


Your time is valuable. The compact versatility of a Friday gives you more time; from getting ready, enjoying your destination and making the journey home.


No two journeys are the same, and neither are our customers. We want you to dream big and share your story, this is how we design and make your perfect trailer; a vehicle for freedom and fun.


Want that good night sleep after a big day of adventures? A quiet sleeping cabin away from the elements and on a luxurious mattress is what you’ll get. Nested in beautiful Birch plywood cabinetry the cabin has ducted fans controlling temperature, hidden dimmable LED lights, storage for all you clothes and gear as well as screened windows and black out blinds.

Gourmet cooking when you are kilometres away from a restaurant… yes please! Meal prep has never been so easy in the outback with our alfresco style kitchen. Hand crafted stunning Birch plywood cabinetry, ample storage for food with the option of a fridge freezer unit. Utilising our pull out cooktop you can select either gas or induction as your heating source.

We design and manufacture from our workshop in the foothills of Adelaide.

We don’t compromise on materials, quality and attention to detail. Our trailers are designed with sustainability in mind and we source our products accordingly. Every trailer is special to us as it is the start of a new journey; your story.

Custom and Choices

It is easy to get lost in all the choices, products and options for a caravan. We got completely lost so you can have a better customer experience knowing that we’ve done the hard research to take out the guess work.

There are still some big decisions to make when buying a teardrop trailer, however we are here to help make that whole process easy. Some things you may already know, some you may need guidance with with. Solar, gas or even induction cooking, how big a battery system do you need? All these decisions are easy once we talk about your own requirements, where you are going and what you want out of your adventure. We can also walk you through popular choices if you were thinking of renting or sharing your teardrop trailer.



Niksen is the Dutch expression for doing nothing; a practice of taking time out of your day for your wellbeing. The word we felt was quite fitting for our teardrop trailer, both because of its poetic meaning but also pays homage to our founder’s Dutch family heritage.

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Want to know more?

This is our basic website while we launch the company and create more useful content. There is a bigger story than what is here so we would love to hear from you. We can arrange a tour of the product and talk about our bespoke teardrop trailers.

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