Aligning with our sustainability goals, we are now all electric. This means all your teardrop electrical functions, including cooking, are powered by shore power or battery cell. Recharging power can be acheived through solar, car DC and the grid. This is a renewable power source and results in a lighter touch on our planet.


Cooking with an electric induction cooktop makes life easier and will save you time. It is instant heat, has accurate control over temperature, is not effected by the weather or wind, and can be used in total fire ban scenarios.

Whatever the task, be it an espresso in the morning, a hot chocolate before bed or your favourite gourmet cookup, you’ll be surprised at the efficiency of our electric system.


Our teardrops are EV ready, user friendly and capable.

Our teardrops are the perfect solution for electric vehicles in Australia with their low mass* and aerodynamics. A teadrop will improve your EV range and expand your options to explore compared to a traditional caravan.

Freedom is now within your reach.

Want to dive deeper into why people are making the switch to these tiny campers?

* We recommend checking the vehicle un-braked tow specifications to check suitability.



We offer two main pathways with our electric power systems; Hybrid & Off-grid. What best suits your needs really depends on the adventures you intend to have.

As standard all our trailers run the powerful Projecta PM300 battery management system. You can monitor power usage, levels and charge, water tank levels and temperature via the user friendly interface on your phone. This system can plug into shore power to recharge your system, with the upgrade option of car DC and solar charging.


HYBRID: This is our hybrid power supply system and is offered as standard on our Niksen model for all your powered site escapes. It has enough DC battery energy to power all your essentials on any adventure; fridge, lights, water and USB charging. This system is then supported by ‘shore power’ for the higher output induction cooking.

OFF-GRID upgrade: This is a fully self sufficient power system to live off-grid at your favourite secluded location. It has a larger upgraded lithium battery cell and inverter to power the 240v GPOs and induction cooktop. In addition, recharging is handled through solar and your DC car output.

Terms Explained:
DC – DC 12v battery power suppply. This is the power platform that is used in caravans.
240v AC – This is the standard power supply used in houses.
Shore Power – This is the term used for 240v AC power supply at caravan parks. Shore power outlets on our teardrops are 15Amp rated.
Inverter – Is a electrical device that converts 12v to household 240v power for standard appliances.
GPO – General Purpose Outlets as used to in houses to plug in appliances.

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