It is easy to get lost in all the choices, products and options for a caravan. We got completely lost so you can have a better customer experience knowing that we’ve done the hard research to take out the guess work.

Quality, features and value guided all our decisions so we can bring you an amazing teardrop experience.

If you haven’t got to it, please go to our Niksen page and scroll down to the FEATURES, OPTIONS & PRICING section to look at all the things avilable to you in our teardrops.


There are still some big decisions to make when buying a teardrop trailer, however we are here to help make that whole process easy. Some things you may already know, some you may need guidance with.

What solar, charging and battery system do you need? What custom Friday awning is best suited to your perfect outdoor site. All these decisions and many others are easy once we talk, learn about your own requirements and what you want out of your next adventure.

There is also the fun stuff like choosing colours from our pallete and personalising your special luxuary wood cabin on wheels. We will are here to make it happen.

We welcome you to our workshop and would love to hear from you. Book through the below link or contact us directly.