What’s in a name…

Why Friday? It embodies what our teardrop trailers are all about; at a moment’s notice grabbing your gear and breaking free from the daily grind. All that positive energy you feel on a Friday while you edge closer to the next adventure, that spirit is hand crafted into each of our custom made trailers.


Our workshop is nestled in the foothills of Adelaide, South Australia, this is Kaurna land. We pay respect to our first nation’s people, both past, present and future, and acknowledge the importance of connection to the land.

As a company we are underpinned by a shared vision to make amazing teardrop trailers. That vision is bigger than the product itself; it instils an opportunity for people to enrich their life with timeless experiences and escape into our Australian landscape.

We believe in fun, adventure, the environment, authenticity and creativity. By staying true to our vision and beliefs we will have made a product worthy of your next adventure; a time capsule to roam free in the great outdoors.

Where did it all start?

Founded in 2021 out of a dream to do things better, we wanted to design a lightweight teardrop trailer purpose built for Australians and our unique landscape. What does ‘doing things better’ mean for us?  We believe in sustainable design and manufacturing practices, innovative and intuitive product design, quality materials and workmanship, and finally and most importantly, attention to detail. These are our building blocks to crafting a durable, versatile, capable and user-friendly trailer for your next adventure.

Our founder, Mello Bouwmeester, comes from a design and advanced composites background, but has always had a passion for woodwork and working with his hands. He has chased a life of adventure and travel, always being close to nature and a passion for mountain biking close behind. While working in the US he saw the versatility and popularity of the teardrop trailer, the spirit to explore and have adventures in these lightweight bespoke cabins on wheels resinated with him; the perfect escape. His love for the product grew and he jokes ‘after a mid life crisis’ he chose to change career pathways to devote his design and manufacturing expertise to the making teardrop trailers in Australia. Friday was born.

Friday is our story, but it’s a story to build on with our community and the adventures they have.